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Welcome to my web site. Here you can benefit from my 40 years in the media as TV actor (Dr Who), producer and international coach. Most people speak too fast and most people speak too quietly. Thus they knowingly or unknowingly prect a general lack of confidence. Many people are aware that their particular accent makes it difficult for others to fully understand them. Others may suffer from an easily cured speech impediment like stammering.

Whatever your vocal challenge, I know I can help you and this site offers you the opportunity to find the way of working with me that suits you best. We can meet face-to-face or via Skype or phone. You can also purchase my video courses, where you can watch me showing you some simple yet effective vocal exercises which you can practice with me. There are e-books to download or you can chose to join one of my workshops which take place in London several times a year. These are video recorded, so that you can benefit from them even if you are unable to attend.


Please feel free to contact me any time with your questions.