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How confident are you when it comes to making a presentation, pitching your product or service, running a meeting, delivering a report or public speaking?
“The Academy of Communication was formed by TV actor, producer and writer Valentine Palmer, to provide unique exercises and invaluable tips through e-books, video courses, Skype tutorials, telephone, text, webinar and face-to-face coaching.
Over the past seventeen years, hundreds of people from all walks of life, from all forms of business and from a dozen different countries have studied personal communication skills with the Academy of Communication.”

“For many years I worked in various branches of the media. From singing in West End musicals (Oliver) to producing commercials and corporate video (BP). From appearing in some of Britain’s best loved TV shows (Dr Who) to becoming a published author (Titanic). During this time various friends and colleagues would ask my advice on using their voice to sell, preparing a memorable pitch or making a presentation to camera. Thus the Academy of Communication was created some 17 years ago, as I graduated from unpaid advisor to successful coach, with clients in some 12 different countries.”

Watch me on a live television show.
Where in just 24 hours, I turn a young woman completely lacking in self-confidence into real star material. This video has so far had over 220,000 views on YouTube.