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How to have a bigger and better voice

Would you like to have a bigger and better voice? Well, you can’t get this through shouting. Shouting puts a strain on your vocal cords and it’s not very pleasant. You may even damage the cords, resulting in temporary or even permanent loss of voice.

You voice is one of your most precious possessions, just like your ability to see and hear. So, take great care of it, be careful how much you smoke or drink, and how loud you shout at a football match.

The way to have a bigger voice is to get more air in and get it in through the mouth. Then, control how you let the air out, so that you can support your voice on a cushion of air.

If you practise this enough you will develop a voice that has power, charm and flexibility. You will be able to control it with ease. The more breath behind a voice the more warm and pleasant it sounds. You do not want to have an ugly voice and voices are ugly when they are all tone and no breath.

How do some people sound so relaxed when they speak? They sound relaxed because they are relaxed. Do not make the body work for you when you are speaking. Be still, relax, let the lungs fill and push the air out slowly in a controlled fashion. Whatever you do, don’t strain and do not shout if you want a bigger and better voice!

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