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Coaching and Consultancy


Coaching is a process whereby a highly skilled expert can help you to hugely improve your performance, whether it be on the sports field or in the board room. A coach offers help, support, knowledge and wisdom. A coach is someone who understands the challenges you’re facing and knows exactly how to help you overcome them. A coach can, from first meeting, put their finger on exactly what’s holding you back from achieving your goal. Someone who knows the right advice to give and the right exercises for lasting success. Whatever concerns you most about the way you communicate with others, here at the Academy of Communication you will find the answer to all your worries.


In order to build a relationship with someone, they need to meet you, like you and so grow to trust you. All this before you can secure a real and lasting business relationship. Everybody has different personal communication requirements because we’re all different. This means that you’re likely to need a personal and bespoke designed form of consultation. Perhaps you have an all-important speech to deliver, or a vital product pitch to make. Whatever your personal needs in these areas are, The Academy of Communication can help you deliver with poise, confidence and a powerful and persuasive voice.