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How good is your dating voice?

So, you’ve tried a whole string of dating sites. And did they work? Not really? Why not? It was OK to start with. She liked your photo. Was it really you? Well, that’s good. And she liked what you wrote about yourself. Not too flashy? Just how you grew up in nice little town, had a brother and a sister and your mom cooked wonderful apple pie. Wow, too good to be true, I mean that apple pie thing. But never mind. So, anyway, where did it all start to go wrong? You and Miss Right, who turned right to be Miss Wrong. What happened?

Ahhh! The phone-call. She wanted to talk to you on the phone. And you were nervous as hell. You don’t like talking to girls on the phone. You don’t like the sound of your voice. Sounds more like a 12-year old and you want to sound like George Clooney. What happened? Your voice got higher and higher as the call went on. At least she couldn’t see you sweating. But she could hear you gasping for air, like a fish out of water. In the end, you made some excuse and ended the call. You feel terrible. You blew it. You absolutely blew it. And all because your voice was doing what it wanted to do and not what you wanted it to do.

Sooner or later, you are going to have to deal with your dating voice.

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