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Should you let your voice get the date?

I see that you can now date with your voice. Just go to one of those sites that sets up a way for your voice to become your profile, well, your audio profile anyway. Up till now you’ve been uploading your picture and a bit of text about yourself on various dating sites. But now you have a real chance to score with a girl of your dreams. She is actually going to hear your wonderful, charismatic, powerful, deep, masculine… sorry, what? You haven’t actually got a wonderful, charismatic, powerful, deep, masculine voice.

Oh, dear! I think we have a problem. Statistics show that a man’s voice with those particular qualities is more likely to attract a woman’s interest, far more than good looks and a finely toned body. Why? Because ‘beauty is skin deep’, but an attractive voice suggests an attractive man. So, before you dive into audio dating may be think about finding how to become more vocally masculine, with a deep, charismatic and powerful voce.

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