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How to make friends and influence people with your phone

The mobile phone dominates our life. But we must learn to dominate it and use it to our best advantage.

Firstly, try not to hold it too close to your ear. If circumstances allow, put it on speaker phone. That way you can talk across it and avoid straining your voice by having your head on one side, or risking getting your brain fried!

Speaking across your phone also allows you to picture the person you’re talking to. This helps you to truly connect with them. See their face in your imagination, as if you’re right there in the same room. Even if you don’t know the person you’re talking to, you can still imagine how they might look by the sound of their voice.

Many people are scared of using a phone, often because they don’t like their own voice. Having an attractive phone voice is a skill that can be learned, and in business it’s very important that you sound positive, powerful and even charismatic. However, telephone selling often encourages sales teams to sound happy and energized, but beware, this can also sound like ‘a hard sell’ and put people off.

Don’t shout into your phone, it’s not necessary. Mobiles are very sensitive instruments. You can talk quietly into one, but you must articulate. A phone accentuates sound and therefore, if you mumble, it sounds even worst.

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