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So, when is it important for you to make a great first impression?

Is it at an interview for a job?

Is it going on a first date with someone?

Is it leading a team meeting?

Is it meeting a new prospect or client for the first time?

Is it meeting the new boss for the first time?

Whatever the occasion, the one thing you want is confidence, absolute, rock-solid confidence.

On the whole people are judgemental, and this is never more evident than when they meet you for the first time. Their brain asks the question, “Do I like this person? Do I trust this person?” This judgement takes place in a fraction of a second, when you enter a room, walk on a stage, appear in a video, or introduce yourself at a dinner or a networking event. People need to make a judgment in order for their relationship with you to progress further. It’s part of their human self-protection mechanism.

So, what are the vital constituent parts of your guaranteed, great first impression? Well, it has to be how you look, how you move and how you speak. And the most vital of these is how you speak.

Many people speak too quietly, because, all their life they have heard their own voice in their head, and it sounds fine in there.

Many people talk too fast. They think that this conveys energy and youth. Actually, it just makes them sound nervous.

Many people drop off at the end of sentences. This is usually because they run out of breath.

Successful voice control is dependent on successful breath control. I have discovered that I can help people from all walks of life to build a bigger and more powerful voice through exercises in breath control.

Never underestimate the importance of air. And by the way, it’s free!

So, start now with some simple exercises to guarantee that you will make a great first impression every time!


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