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So, our next princess is a Yank!

Fine with me, but is she going to learn to speak like a real English lady? The great writer, George Bernard Shaw once said that Britain and America were two great nations, divided by a common language.

For a number of years, I’ve helped people from around the world to cultivate a more English-sounding voice. Strangely enough, several of these came from the US, where the true English voice is greatly revered by some. The Brits have carved a niche in Hollywood with stars like Damian Lewes and Benedict Cumberbatch, both alumni of Eaton college, England’s poshest and most expensive schools. Then there’s the wonderful resonant tones of the two British knights, Ian McClellan.

So, do Americans love the true English voice, or will Megan keep her distinctive ‘Suits’ tones?

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