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The English Way

Helping you to speak English the way the English do.
A unique and comprehensive 12-week on-line course
With 12 videos, 12 e-books and 12 audios



The English Way is a ground-breaking learning system dedicated to helping you perfect your spoken English. Designed and delivered by Valentine Palmer, director of London’s Academy of Communication, this unique course is full of original tips, tricks and techniques, based on Valentine’s 20 years of training people from all walks of life and from some 10 different countries.

Valentine has appeared in over 100 of Britain’s best loved TV series, including ‘Dr Who’, the longest running sci-fi series of all time. For several years, he produced commercials and corporate videos for companies like BP Oil and IBM and is a published author and film maker. Clients for his acclaimed spoken English trainings include Deutsche Bank, Cisco Systems and Barclays.

This course will prove to be of enormous benefit to both your personal and business life, as you learn to speak English the way the English do.

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