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Do women love your voice? If not, why not? Is it too small, too high, do you have a lisp? So, do you have trouble getting a date? You know, when a woman hears a man’s voice, she has an automatic emotional response. Either her heart begins to melt, or she is completely turned off. Ever thought about that?

Before telephones, how did a man impress a woman and get a date? He had to meet her, face to face, and charm her. Alright, maybe he presented her with a bunch of red roses or a box of chocolates on the fist date. But, did he get a second date? Remember, people were, on the whole, less sophisticated years ago. They had no way to communicate except by letter or by meeting someone face-to-face. To woo a woman with a first letter is not easy, unless you are a born poet. So, how you spoke was all important and, if a woman didn’t like your voice, well, that was the end of the courtship before it even began!

Nowadays, you can go into a dating site, upload your profile with a decent photo, and then put a bit of interesting bio there. But, sooner or later, you are going to want to meet the girl. But is she going to want to meet you? By now you have exchanged phone numbers. You’ve arranged to meet for the first time at a coffee bar somewhere. Now comes the make or break moment. Your phone rings, and it’s her! OMG! You begin to shake. Your voice gets higher and higher, as your throat tightens, and your breathing feels restricted. I mean, this could be the most important moment of your life. She just might be The One! She wants to clarify the exact location where you are going to meet. And then something terrible happens. You can sense it from the way the tone of her voice changes. Is she suddenly getting cold feet? No. She is just completely turned off by your nervous, strangulated voice. And so, the great romantic episode of your life is over before it even begins, and all because you didn’t have the voice women love.

And how can you change this? Easy, do what all serious Romeos do – get your voice sorted. Learn how to easily develop a deep, charismatic, irresistible voice. If you have a speech impediment, learn how to modify or completely lose it. Believe me, there is a voice that women love, and right now, yours is probably not it. Don’t miss every romantic opportunity. Get your voice fixed – now!


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